Thursday, January 28, 2010

taking a look

Mike and i went to my parents house and had a wonderful time. I got to see my brother and his wife, my niece, my aunt and uncle, and cousins when they would all come over.

One night after everyone left a little early, the power had went out. Well, with several candles lit, we mixed up a pitcher of rum and egg nog and broke out a trivial pursuit game. It must have been 12 years since it was played last and it seemed like a fun thing to do with no power and we had a nice fire and the rum to keep us warm.

I don't recall how it came about that it would be my mom and i playing against my dad and Mike but, with her and i on one side of the dining room table and them on the other, we started the game.

I think it was about the third question and the power came back on, but we kept playing. After the fourth round, mom and i had answered the last 3 right and Dad and Mike had yet to. To be honest, the questions they got so far were VERY difficult.

That didn't stop us from razzing them a little tho. I think it was mom that started it. She said something like they should make an easier game for men. Then, going back and forth, we started saying that sure they should have questions about football, sportscars, boobs, remote control buttons.

We were into it and i happened to then look at Mike and saw "the look".

Now, all you girls know exactly what i am talking about; lips straight across and a little tight, eyebrows go closer together with one angling up, and eyes that are saying "keep it up, young lady, and you can play the rest of the game standing up".

Of course, immediately things start going thru your head with the first being to right away "keep it up", i mean come on, you know you have to. Second, i know he wouldn't really spank me in front of my parents... or would he? Then how would he go about it.

Anyways, all thoughts came to sudden halt when i happened to notice my dad had THE SAME LOOK on his face!! i mean come on... how is this possible? Remember this is my dad, not Mike's. i think it may have been the other eyebrow angled up, but it doesn't matter, it was the same Look.

My mom got quiet, too and both Dad and Mike seemed surprised. i guess they both weren't used to The Look actually working lol. i can certainly understand Mike's surprise.

We all quickly resumed the game without any reference to what happened.

But, what's the deal? How do guys do that? Do they practice it in the mirror while shaving? I know Dad and Mike don't talk about it just as i am certainly not ready to talk to mom about it. That would just be too wierd!

So, is The Look something that is just "natural" to the toppy/dom/spanker etc, guys? i know i have not noticed it before in others. Makes you wonder.

Girls, do you get the same shivers when you see it that i do.. knowing that you will most likely be over his lap very soon?

Guys, do you even know you are "using" The Look? Do you practice it?

Makes you wonder...well me anyways.


Tape a small sign to the back of the car on the passanger side that says

" HONK IF I'M A BUTTHEAD " before he goes to work.

Mike couldn't figure out why it seemed everyone on the road was beeping at him until later a coworker pointed it out to him. :D


  1. Pffffffft... dont you know of the innocent look that completely overrides that toppy look ... with me its his voice.. haven't seen "the look" yet!!!!

    damn.. Paul doesnt drive.... but .... hmmmmm sniggers...

    moving on.. glad you had a good time amber... and err.. less that 2 weeks now :O :D

  2. damn.. wrong blog account :D.. must close it lol

  3. After the game you played with your family on the day the lights went out. Your father, and your husband, with a wink in their eyes, should have made your mother, and yourself stand in the corner. Then your father, should have taken you across his knees, and your husband should have taken his mother-in-law across his knees, and both of you should have been given a good spanking on your bare bottoms.