Tuesday, September 22, 2009

two simple powerful words

How is it that 2 tiny simple little words can evoke soooooooo much excitement, apprehension, thrill, nervousness, arousal!

Whether he whispers it in your ear at a party, the grocery store, a crowded elevator, the video store, the doctor's waiting room, in line paying the phone bill.

or even worse/better, he says it out loud for everyone to hear:

" bad girl "

With just those seven letters you lose your breath for a second, your face flushes, you peek around out of the corner of your eyes to see who else heard, maybe you start to feel those first signs of arousal and maybe even your hand involuntarily starts to go back to your bottom!

Questions race thru your mind... did he hear that very thinly veiled "compliment" you just gave the bitch of the party... "that dress looks MUCH better on you".... leaving off but leaving no doubt you meant "instead of that 1975 pimp-mobile Caddilac car seat you got it from"

did he see you switch the price tag on the shelf from the rice a roni box on sale for 70 cents to the extra virgin olive oil that is regularly $7.99?

did the new bikini you purchased show up on this month's visa bill instead of the next because you forgot which date they closed and summarized that month's purcases?

or even "better" you can't think of any "reason" and he is just in the mood

For whatever the reason, you know that sometime after you get home (unless he said it while you are AT home, of course), you are going to get spanked!

He has probably picked that exact moment to say bad girl, cause he knows that now that is all that you are going to be thinking of. He knows that you are going to be squirming in your seat as you anticipate the event as you can't help but wonder what he is going to use, how long. It seems that the resulting arousal is proportional to how long it's been since the last time you had some "attention" especially if it's been TOO LONG (and i know ... it's subjective... for some girls that is 6 HOURS lolol)

All you know, is the next 45 minutes, hour, 2 hours, etc til it happens are going to be an "agony" of rampant imagination and dampening panties of the anticipation of the time you are going to spend over his lap and then between the sheets.

and damn thats great aint it! :D


after he goes to bed, take his toothbrush and soak the the head overnight in a glass of a mixture of vinegar, tabasco sauce, and salt!

and of course you make sure you get up before him and put his toothbrush back in the holder

also...make sure you have a replacement toothbrush for him after he uses it (and of course after he finally lets you up off his lap lol) cause the taste aint ever coming out


  1. Perfect imagery.....You've just increased my anticiption for the play sessions on the friday and sunday in October....errr not really looking forward to Sat LMAO. Your right, the anticipation is great :P. Gets worse/better, when you start counting the days to a known play session.

    Hmmmm...wonder how long it is before i get banned from reading your blog HAHAHA great prank....considering how heavily Sir Prozac :P sleeps, this would be a fairly easy one to pull off

  2. Amber, you are evil lol!
    Warm hugs,