Monday, July 20, 2009

In the Genes????

In chat, we ended up talking about parents a little ( I forget how we got onto it) but it reminded me of one of the most um interesting episodes with my own.

Last year, my parents were due to spend 4 days and 3 nights visiting us. We have a decent house, but the walls between the adjoining bedrooms were way too thin if you know what I mean.

Mike had been working extra nights so that he could take the time off and as a result he had been just too tired for fun.

Mom and dad got to our place and were tired from over a day of driving so the first day was spent just pretty much talking and such.

The next morning, mom and I were making breakfast and Mike and dad were watching the news. I was getting Mike a cup of coffee when I decided to add a lot of sugar to his mug. I mean a LOT. As I was stirring it, I saw my mom watching and giving me this shocked look. Mike took a big swig and immediately spit it out in the sink while giving me a look that said if they werent there, I'd be in big trouble. Mom just watched without saying anything.

That night we were in bed and it was late and I was wishing we could have some fun but the bed was too noisy and the walls too thin. That's when I got a great idea. Mike and I took the mattress off the bed and put it on the floor and if we were quiet we could at least have some sex.

Well it seemed to be working great. I was on top and guess I had my eyes closed or was leaned over but I didn't see what Mike was doing. Next thing I knew, I felt and heard this extremely loud (in the silence of the late night anyways) WHACK and sting and I let out a yell. Mike had reached under the bed and got one of my hard sandals and whacked me on the ass with it.

Needless to say, the "action" halted immediately. That morning, I went to the kitchen expecting mom to have already started breakfast and that I would help her. Instead, I saw mom and dad talking quietly at the table and then dad left for the living room. Mom had this serious look on her face and she said to me not to talk and just listen.

She said she and dad knew that Mike beats me and that they are taking me right then to go down to the sheriff's office to have him arrested. I was in shock as she was telling me it's not my fault and that she had talked dad out of killing Mike. Finally, I got my voice and started to deny it and she says they heard the whole thing when he hit me. I was still trying to find how to convince her that she was wrong, when she started looking at my arms and face and then she actually opened up my robe. She was looking for signs of abuse!!

I got a hold of her arms and stopped her examination and sat her down and said we needed to talk. I then explained to her about how im not beaten, we play spanking "games" and other such things and we both like it. She was NOT easy to convince and I even had to shoe her the shoeprint on my ass!! After a long time she started to understand and even said something like "so thats why you put all that sugar in his coffee". Well, as embarrassing as that was, she then said she would have to explain all this to my dad. I didn't want to go thru it again so I hid in the bedroom with Mike. Eventually, we had to come out tho, and it was a pretty awkward day!

The next day was a little better. We did tourist stuff. The surprise came that evening when we got ready to watch a dvd that we rented on the way home.

I was making pop corn and mom was making and pouring some iced tea. I watched her add a ton of salt to my dad's glass and stir it up. I just watched in amazement as she handed it to my dad who took a sip and spat it all over himself. I think I was too amazed to laugh but not my mom. She was cracking up so much I thought she was gonna hurt herself.

Dad headed for the kitchen to , I presume, rinses his mouth and probably guzzle some water. But, just after he passed mom still standing there and laughing, he paused for a second and turned and gave my mom a very hard spank!! Well, we all froze in place while the two of them just looked at each other. I don't know how long it really was, seemed like minutes but was probably seconds. No said anything about it and we watched the movie and went to bed.

That wasn't the end of it tho. It was about 1am or so and I was reading and Mike was doing something on the laptop when we heard mom giggling a little in the next room. Then all of a sudden we hear 2 smacks and my mom go ouch. Mike and I looked at each other and we couldn't help it. We just bust out laughing. Then a couple seconds later we hear mom tell us to oh hush up you two.

They were off to Vegas the next day and nothing more has been mentioned about it.
I know you are saying to yourself that so what, they may just have started to have a little slap and tickle fun. However, there is another "chapter" to this story.

We went to visit them over Christmas and we brought our two large dogs with us. The plan was to have a lovely early dinner and then Mike and I would take the dogs for their walk.

While waiting for dinner to finish cooking we were sitting in the living room talking. Mom brought dad a refill of his cocktail but seemed to trip as she spilled the drink in his lap. He jumped up and didn't seem to be happy and gave my mom a look I didn't completely see because of where I was sitting.

Well, we had dinner and mom wouldn't let us help clean up so we put leashes on the dogs and took them for a walk. We had gone a little ways down the sidewalk when we realized we didn't know what the dog walking ordinances were there and if we needed poop bags and a scooper even tho it was a rural area. We went back into the house and as soon as we opened the front door, we heard some very no-nonsense spanking come from somewhere in the house. Needless to say, we shut the door quietly and got away as quick as we could not caring about the ordinances.

And that's how Mike and I ended up "converting" my parents.


Seeing how the booby trapped birthday present worked, I decided to share some of the errrr surprises that I have given Mike over the years as well as some I have yet to pull. Those will probably be rare tho just in case Mike decides to read this blog. So in each post I will try to remember to provide some helpful "tip" on how a girl can get some needed "attention"

Todays is:

1) fill a pitcher with about a pint of hot water
2) stir in a LOT of garlic powder
3) fill an empty ice cube tray with your mixture and freeze

now you have 2 time he wants a cold drink, make sure you fix it for him IN FRONT of him so he doesnt see you "add anything" as you put in ice fresh out of the tray (the warmer the liquid you add, the better)

or two just wait til he fixes an iced drink himself

either way your guaranteed to be studying carpet patterns shortly after grinnnnnnssssss


  1. Amber, you are so wicked, LOL, but I love it.
    The deal with your parents must have been scary, but love how you fixed it.
    Warm hugs,

  2. hey amber, great blog, thanks for all the great prank ideas :)

  3. WOW you are WAY braver than I am! The thing with your folks is priceless!

  4. hahahha....girl you are great...i can see me laughing when i pop over here each time;
    I will try the ice cube one on Sir...that i can do.
    Hugs Jflame

  5. Amber.. grins... i am soooooo using that one.... poor pauli. good blog. Nice to see parents can see through their siblings way of thinking


  6. Amber... Love the blog girl your mad you always make me laugh, the thing with your parents thats priceless and the pranks are great everytime sally copies one i'll smack and paddle her arse so thanks.


    Paul S

  7. Paul, kate, Paul S

    yeah... it gives us a laugh now afterwards but OMG was it embarrassing at the time

    and i sincerely hope they are enjoying it and experimenting further....i just dont wanna hear about ...yanno?

    lil miss nauhghty, jflame, sally

    im glad you getting ideas for errr "surprises" and remember you can always come up with good "reasons"...after all its proven garlic is good for you right?

    keep an eye out for even more lol...some are messy but some are easy and "clean" too

    Paul S

    i hope so....would hate to think her efforts would go "unrewarded" grinnns

  8. LOL this is such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. Great to find a new, well-written, witty spanking blog like this.

  9. Great post Amber. Although your tricks are going to score an awful lot of uber spanks. LOL If I ever get a garlic flavored drink, I will think of you. LOL