Saturday, July 25, 2009

should we have sold tickets???

It seems that discussions in chat remind me of past incidences. This had to do with public spanking with the emphasis on the outdoor or as I learned a new term, al fresco. Seems outdoor spankings are a pretty big fantasy. I got to thinking of one of the few times this has happened (other than an occasional swat or two in a store, parking lot, etc. of course). This happened last summer.

There was a private party at the nightclub I work at and I didn't get home until even later than usual and didn't get to sleep until about 5:30.

When I woke up, I had seen that my boyfriend, Mike, was making some chicken salad sandwiches and he told me to shower and dress as we were going to have a picnic lunch.

I did as he said and he carried the cooler, we went to the car, and he drove the 45 minutes it took to get to the park.

The place was empty and Mike carried the cooler and a blanket and we walked thru the wooded area to find a suitable place. We came to a nice little clearing in the woods that overlooked the lake. It was quite lovely.

Mike layed out the blanket, and took out some paper plates, plastic forks and cups, napkins, the baggie of sandwiches, container of cole slaw, and opened a bottle of wine.

After we finished eating, I was sitting on his lap and we were kissing and touching. I was put over his lap and he had started a gentle spanking and rubbing over my shorts.

It eventually got harder and I was quite liking it when he stopped. I looked back wondering if that was it, when I saw him reach in the cooler and pull out a leather paddle he had secreted away under the food. I just grinned and he started spanking with that.

After quite a bit of that, I felt him try to take my shorts down. At first I was very hesitant and he said that it was ok. We had the place to ourselves. So, I lifted up some making it easier for him to take them off and then he started spanking over my panties.

It was just starting to get to that delicious stinging stage when he then stopped and I felt him start to take my panties down. Well, wanting to get back to the spanking, I didn't hesitate this time and lifted up to help.

After a few minutes of bare spanking with the yummy leather paddle, and increasing moaning on my part, he stopped and began to rub my stinging bottom gently.

At this point I was quite ready to jump his bones and got off his lap and onto my knees and was reaching to remove his own shorts when we both heard some noise. We turned and there at the edge of the clearing, was 2 guys and 2 girls about our age, standing astride their bicycles and staring right at us. We had obviously not heard them before due to the quite a bit of noise we were making. We had also failed to notice the bike trail right next to the clearing.

I was embarrassed and mortified at the situation. I was on my hands and knees with my undoubtedly very red bottom (since I color and mark easily) and everything else on display pointed right at them.

Without stopping to think, I gave Mike a big shove back so I could yank up the blanket, spilling everything on the ground in the process and I wrapped it around my waist and ran for the car.
Mike got there a couple minutes later carrying the stuff. He put it in the backseat, got behind the wheel and started to say something. I immediately and quite strongly told him not to say one damn word. He started to drive and I could tell he was doing his best to stifle his laughter because I would hear muffled snorting as I was trying to put my panties and shorts back on. He was staring at the road and unable to see the hard glare I was giving him. Later, much later, I was able to laugh, too.

Outdoor spanking can be fun, but don't be surprised if you get caught. And it seems getting caught is another fantasy.

It may be fun to think about getting caught, but when it happens it can be awful embarrasing.


Today's trick AND treat tip:

mix the dough of his favorite cookie

take aside enough dough for a cookie noticably larger than the others you plan on making

add a few tablespoons of salt to that bit of dough

bake a sheet of cookies, when you pull them out, make sure the larger one is at the edge of the cooling sheet

call him for the fresh baked cookies ...even better call him in as you are taking them out of the oven

good thing is, once the "action" is over, you still have cookies to munch on


  1. hahahhahahha..brilliant.
    Worzel has promised me an al fresco spanking...I cant wait.

    Loving your trick or treats.
    Hugs Jay

  2. ROFL, bet that was embarresing....i like baking cookies... im sure Paul will like em too! grins.

    Starts being a good girl and takes extensive notes!

    We have much fun like this planned for when i go off to uni =)

  3. Amber, al fresco spankings are fun, as is outdoor sex, the thrill is the risk of getting caught.
    I'll bet that you got nicely spanked and well seen to for that little prank.
    Warm hugs,


  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! That is hilarious. ummmm ... I mean ... ah ... what I meant to say is ... ummm ... I was trying to say ... ah ... that must have been terrible ... ummm ... I really feel bad for you ... Yeah, that's it!

    I really feel bad for you!



  5. lol to funny, I would have been embarrased to, good you can laugh about it now though :)

  6. OH Glory, I have talked to Daisy several times about outdoor spanks. I know my beloved would be terribly mortified if we were caught. I have to agree, part of the thrill is the chance.
    Please do me a favor? Tell Daisy that cookie recipe is not for her. Her arse doesnt need to be quite that rosey. lol

  7. Ambs.... :) grins...a spanking you did not brat for? laughs

    Sounds like you had fun...and Im with Mike...though not stifling the laughter!

    Big hugs...and me thinks my blog is going to have a lot more entries soon........

    hugggssss xxx